Line Vibrating Screen overview
The use of linear vibrating screen Vibrating motor as vibration source excitation, so that materials in the sieve to be toss-line, at the same time for straight forward exercise, material from the feeder evenly into the screening machine feed through the mesh have a number of multi-storey sieve specifications on materials, sieve under物, separately from their respective export discharged. With low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, full-closed structure, no dust溢散, automatic nesting, more suitable for pipelined operation
Linear Vibrating Screen Working Principle:
Linear Vibrating Screen Vibrating motor-driven double, when the two make Vibrating motor synchronization, anti-缶rotation, the eccentric block excitation force generated by the electrical axis in parallel to the direction of offset each other, perpendicular to the motor shaft at the direction of stack for the one together, so the exercise machine for straight line trajectory. Its two-motor shaft relative screen surface has a dip in the excitation force and material self-gravity force role, the materials in the sieve surface by leaps and bounds toss straight forward for the sport, so as to achieve on the materials selection and classification purposes. Can be used to achieve automated assembly line in operation. With low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, full-closed structure without dust溢散characteristics. Maximum 325 mesh screen mesh can be screening out of seven kinds of different particle size materials.
The use of linear vibrating screen
Of powder, granular materials selection and classification, widely used in plastics, abrasives, chemicals, medicine, building materials, food, carbon, fertilizer and other industries.
Linear Vibrating Screen (straight-line screen) is a new type of highly efficient screening equipment, widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, refractories, light industry, chemical industry. Linear Vibrating Screen (linear sieve) stable and reliable, consume less, low noise, long life, vibration-type steady, screening and high efficiency.
Linear Vibrating Screen technical parameters
SZF-520-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 2000 × 500 × 1200 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)
SZF-525-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 2500 × 500 × 1200 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)
SZF-825-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 2500 × 800 × 1200 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)
SZF-820-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 2000 × 800 × 1200 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)
SZF-1025-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 2500 × 1000 × 1500 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)
SZF-1225-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 2500 × 1200 × 1500 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)
SZF-1235-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 3500 × 1200 × 1600 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)
SZF-1536-type 1S-Q235A or SUS304 1500 × 3600 × 1200 1 layer (1S) 2 layer (2S) 3 layers (3S) 4 layers (4S)

Information on the use of instructions
Features ☆ ☆
1) unique mesh design, convenient and rapid replacement of screen (only 3-5 minutes), in addition to such design
Permit the use of mesh (nylon, special long, PP Net).
2) screen design; compact and easy to assemble, one person can operate machine.
3) and other related brands comparison, a larger filter area and high efficiency of processing power.
4) the parent fully support Net Net fine, so fine-Net can be an exclusive right of a longer life expectancy, and reduce the use of fine-Net supplies, deposition time of the production process can reduce a lot of cost.
Linear vibrating screen role and the principle of
The basic principles of the Department of Motor Borrow shaft installed on the bottom of a heavy hammer (Heng uneven weight), the rotation of motor sport will be transformed into horizontal, vertical, inclined three-sport, and then communicated to the sports screen surface. If the change in weights up and down the Department of the phase angle of the road can change the direction of raw materials.
Electrical Usage:
This series of motors to meet the following conditions when continuous output rated excitation.
1, vibration acceleration: no more than 7g (g: acceleration due to gravity)
2, ambient temperature: not more than 40 ℃
3, above sea level: not exceed 1000m
4, power supply frequency: 50Hz
5, voltage: 380V
6, the temperature rise: less than 80K (resistance method)
Linear vibrating screen, as well as the various parts of the structure function
This machine mainly by the screen box, screen frames, screen, vibration motor, electric pedestal, damping spring, frame and so on.
1, sieve boxes: from a few different kinds of thickness of steel plate welded together with a certain degree of strength and stiffness, are the main machine components.
2, screen box: deformation from pine or smaller made of wood, mainly used to maintain the mesh formation, the normal screen.
3, screen: there is low-carbon steel, brass, bronze, several species such as stainless steel wire mesh.
4, Vibrating motor (using the repair method with the use of Vibrating motor detailed instructions).
5, the electrical pedestal: Vibrating motor installation, use pre-connect screw must be tightened, especially the new machine three days before trial must be repeated fastening to prevent loosening of the accident.
6, damping spring: to prevent vibration to the ground, while supporting the full weight of the sieve case, the installation, the spring must be vertical with the ground.
7, frame: from the four pillars and two channel components to support the screen box, the installation must be vertical with the ground pillars, two pillars of the following should be mutually parallel channel.
Linear vibrating screen to install the pre-preparation
1, check whether the motor signs in line with the requirements.
2, using 500-volt megohm insulation resistance measurement table, and its value to deal with stator windings drying treatment, drying temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.
3, inspection of all electrical fasteners, to guard against loosening.
4, check whether the damage to the electrical surface deformation.
5, check whether the rotating flexible, if abnormal, should be excluded.
6, check power supply, whether the lack of phase, and no-load operation of 5 minutes.
Installation and adjustment
1, the electrical be fasteners at the installation level, the installation must be smooth and flat.
2, the level of motor can be installed.
3, the electrical lead-core rubber cable using four YZ-500V, then the power cable is not allowed when there is urgency pinout folding and reliable fixed-body vibration.
4, the electrical grounding should be reliable, there is within the electrical grounding device, lead client has signs at the end of the foot can also make use of a solid grounding bolt.
5, the adjustment of excitation force.
Linear vibrating screen use and repair
1, the machine should be installed in the electrical protection device.
2, the machine is running early, check every day for at least one anchor bolts to prevent loosening.
3, when the motor rotation direction inconsistent with the requirements, you can adjust the power phase sequence.
4, the electrical should guarantee good lubrication, each running about two weeks to add lithium-based grease (ZL-3) once, come on, through the oil cups add appropriate amount of lithium-based grease. When the use of sealed bearings, the motor is not installed on the oil cup.
5, the machine is running a total of 1500 hours, they should check the bearings, if serious injury should be immediately replaced.
6, the local parking again after a longer period of time when used in insulation resistance should be measured for the 500-volt megohm table measurements, should be larger than 0.5 megohm.
Linear Vibrating Screen routine maintenance
1, start before:
(1) Inspection of rough and fine Net Net availability of breakage
(2) to check whether the removal of transport support. 2, start at:
(1) watch for abnormal noise
(2) whether the current stability
(3) whether the vibration异状
3, use: that is, each time after use clean up.
Regular maintenance
Net regular inspection of rough, small networks and the availability of spring fatigue and damage, whether the various parts of the airframe vibration caused damage, need to add lubricants lubrication parts must come on.

  直线振动筛采用双振动电机驱动,当两台振动电机做同步、反缶旋转时,其偏心块所产生的激振力在平行于电机轴线的方向相互抵消,在垂直于电机轴的方向叠为一合力,因此筛机的运动轨迹为一直线。其两电机轴相对筛面有一倾角,在激振力和物料自重力的合力作用下,物料在筛面上被抛起跳跃式向前作直线运动,从而达到对物料进行筛选和分级的目的。 可用于流水线中实现自动化作业。具有能耗低、效率高、结构简单、易维修、全封闭结构无粉尘溢散的特点。最高筛分目数325目,可筛分出7种不同粒度的物料。
  SZF-520型1S-Q235A或SUS304 2000×500×1200 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  SZF-525型1S-Q235A或SUS304 2500×500×1200 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  SZF-825型1S-Q235A或SUS304 2500×800×1200 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  SZF-820型1S-Q235A或SUS304 2000×800×1200 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  SZF-1025型1S-Q235A 或SUS304 2500×1000×1500 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  SZF-1225型1S-Q235A 或SUS304 2500×1200×1500 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  SZF-1235型1S-Q235A 或SUS304 3500×1200×1600 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  SZF-1536型1S-Q235A 或SUS304 1500×3600×1200 1层(1S) 2层(2S) 3层(3S) 4层(4S)
  ☆ 特点 ☆
  1)独特之筛网结构设计,方便和快速更换筛网 ( 只需3到5分钟 ) ,此外此种设计
  允许使用各种筛网 ( 尼龙、特种龙、PP网 )。
  4)其母网完全支撑细网,因此细网可独得较长之寿命,而降低细网耗材使用,淤长时间 之生产过程可降低诸多成本。
  (2)检查运输支撑是否拆除。 2、启动时: